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SUNFOODS Offers Fresh Mangoes Of Premium Quality From West Africa 


Mangoes Kent Senegal

KENT: Its skin is thick and resistant with shades of color ranging from green, yellow with a red spot to dark green, pink or even purple. Its pit represents 9% of the total weight of the fruit. Its orange yellow pulp has a pronounced flavor. The fruit is not fibrous and it matures slowly.

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KEITT: Its thick and resistant skin has pastel colors ranging from green to orange. An intense red spot appears quickly, which is confusing when assessing maturity. The flavor of its orange to intense yellow pulp is rich and fruity with fine fibers easily consumed. Its pit represents 7% to 8% of the total weight of the fruit. 

Shipped in a 40 FCL which contains 5280 boxes of 4 kgs each​​

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