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Cashew Nuts
Moisture content : about 8 – 10%
Shape : kidney
Colour : gray, dark grey, greenish or brownish 
Mould : free
Foreign matter : max 0.5% by weight
Defective : 5% max
Packaging : 80 kgs jute bags

SUNFOODS Supplies Premium Quality Of Raw Cashews and Cashew Kernels from West Africa​

Cashew Kernels
Reasonably dry (max 5% moisture content)
Shape : kidney
White or scorched in the form of wholes or pieces
Completely free from infestation, adhering testa and objectionable extraneous matter
Max 0.7% fatty acid content
Packaging : 22.68 kgs box
Grades : White Wholes, Scorched Wholes, Desert Wholes, White Pieces, Scorched Pieces, Dessert Pieces 
The wholes are mostly used for snacks and dessert
Dessert wholes
These pieces are used for desserts mostly 
Scorched pieces
Dessert pieces
White pieces
White wholes
Scorched wholes
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